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Ehden Adventures is an establishment for outdoor activities located in Ehden, 1450m above sea level. We offer different activities like zip-line*, monkeybridge**, sky-walk, zip-bike, off-road, outdoor events, ATV, archery, caving, abseiling, hiking, paragliding and camping in a huge 2000 m camping area, equipped with tents, picnic area and toilets.

*Longest and highest zip-line in the Middle East, half km long & over 100 m high

**Zip a bike! It is the only one in Lebanon

Nothing feels better than spending some time in nature!

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Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve located in North Lebanon, is a diverse and beautiful remnant of cedar forests, making the reserve a very important part of the country’s cultural and natural heritage. Located on the northwestern slopes of Mount Lebanon and surrounded by mist and relatively high precipitation, the reserve has a multitude of rare and endemic plants that flourish in it.

A mixed forest of juniper, fir and the country’s last protected community of wild apple trees, border patches of cedar. A number of water sources can be found in Horsh Ehden, the most important of which are Ain Al-Naasa, Nabaa Jouit and Ain Al-Baiada. During a peaceful hike through the forest, lucky visitors might spot an endangered Eastern Imperial Eagle or Bonelli’s Eagle, a gray wolf, or a wildcat. The reserve’s beautiful valleys and gorges, with their wild orchids, brightly colored salamanders, mushrooms, and other flora and fauna, are sure to soothe even the most anxious visitor.

The remote wilderness of parts of Horsh Ehden and of the adjacent mountain areas provides the ideal setting for walks and other outdoor activities.

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outdoor activities

zip-line, monkeybrdige, sky-walk, zip-bike, ATV, archery, caving, abseiling, hiking, paragliding and much more…


Located in Ehden, 1450m above sea level, and camping area located above 2000m


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